Healing Hands  Massage & Foot Spa


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Add-On $10 for each:-Deep Tissue Therapy -Treatment Massage -Sports Massage -Pregnancy Massage -Sugar Scrub -Hot Stone -Trigger Points -Aromatherapy

   Give a gift of massage

A gift certificate for massage can be a perfect way to say thank you, to honor an accomplishment, for a special occasion or holiday. Our gift cards are non-refundable, however, they don't expire and are transferable!

Foot  Massage: Clothes on, include: Feet, legs, hands, arms, back, shoulders, neck & head   

30 Min. $30

60 Min. $40


Body Massage
30 Min. $40
60 Min. $60
90 Min. $85
120 Min. $120                   


Combination Massage

60 Min. $50                         
90 Min. $75