‚ÄčHealing Hands  Massage & Foot Spa

Meet our staff

Angie:  Comes with 4 years experience in China in acupressure, Japanese shiatsu and relaxation massage. She is good at releasing muscle knots, opening blocked meridians; she also has 2 years experience in Western Massage Therapy.!

Qing: Has 2 years Chinese and 3 years Western Massage Therapy experience. Her specialties are deep tissue, trigger points, treatment and back walking massage. Her massage is mixed with Chinese style, Western style and Thai massage style!

Winnie: Has 3 years Chinese and 1 year Western Massage Therapy experience. She is doing deep tissue, trigger points, treatment and relaxation massages
Tom: He is our most experienced massage therapist! He has been working as massage therapist for more than 20 years! He does deep tissue massage, relaxation massage and treatment massage. He is especially good at foot reflexology! He is our lucky to our facility! 

Cici: Performed foot reflexology massage in China for 10+ years and 2 years traditional Thai massage and Western Massage Therapy. She is good at acupressure points, deep tissue therapy and Meridian lines
  she is a massage therapist for 2 years. Her massage is smooth and fluid. Her pressure is firm and consistent. Her demeanor is professional and caring. 

Tina: Working as a massage therapist for 3 years. She was a massage therapist in China for 2 years and she is doing massage for 3 years after moving to the US. Her massage has a calm and smooth rhythm. She is good at find the muscle that bothers you and work on it to help you release from the pain. She also does back walking

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